Limitless Income

Refer Dundee Internet Email Hosting ( and/or and receive $25 when your referral signs up for a Gold Platinum or Diamond service** as a customer and receive $6.75 each month thereafter while they remain a customer or received a one-time payment of $100**

Decide how you want to be paid
"No selling required"


Each month Dundee will send you a report to track your referrals. You will know how many are using our free trial, how many referrals signed up with Dundee, and the amount of your next referral check.

Dundee Internet, (DBA Mailing List Services and Discussion List Services) has always had a referral program.  Our Greatest Selling Point is Our Happy Customers, therefore we decided to expand this concept to thank everyone who successfully refers a new customer, in a new way.  Each referral that becomes a customer will include a percentage of the sale AND a residual income for as long as the referral remains a Dundee Internet Customer.

NOT A DUNDEE CUSTOMER?  We can change that, and your first email campaign is on us!     Signup for a demo. 

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*Receive $5 when your referral signs up for the Silver program and $2 each month thereafter while they remain a customer or received a onetime payment of $25**

**One-time payout of $100 is mailed only after your referral stays with Dundee for 3 consecutive months


Friday, August 6, 2021

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